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„ congratulates Irene Suchy and the Musikhaus Doblinger for winning the Bank Austria Kunstpreis 2011!”

On Dec 16, 2009, received the Golden Stars Award 2009 'Citizen of Europe' in Brussels with the project 'Verfemte Musik', jointly organized by the Forum Voix Etouffees Paris (France) and Zentrum Verfemte Musik Schwerin/Rostock (Germany).
  Following the international recognition of our work with the Golden Stars Award by the European Commission in 2009, has received the prestigeous Bank Austria Kunstpreis 2010, in a gala event…

Golden Stars Award 2009
Bank Austria Kunstpreis International 2010


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Award ceremony, Bank Austria Kunstpreis
at the gala event at Theater in der Josefstadt Vienna 2010